Rug Cleaning

Nassif Oriental Rug cleaning - Cedar Rapids.Oriental rugs are an investment and deserve special care in cleaning to maintain beauty and value.  Nassif Oriental Rugs picks up, deep-cleans and delivers rugs with restored beauty.  Trust Nassif Oriental Rugs for dependable and affordable rug cleaning services.



Rug Repair

Nassif cleans and repairs oriental rugs.We do rug repairs, rug washing, reweaving. The material determines the proper care and our staff will know what care your rug requires. Pick up service included.



Rug/Estate Appraisals

Nassif appraises rugs based on weave, color and pattern.There are three things I look for when appraising the value of the rug. By design, by color and by weave. It takes an expert to determine where a rug comes from, how old it is and what type of rug it is. Rugs vary greatly from region to region, and the construction of the weave tells where, and design and color (vegetable dye, synthetic dye, etc.) Generations of study is what makes the difference between a fair and a faulty rug appraisal. Call now to schedule an appraisals.

Rug Locating Service

Nassif - Rug Location Services - Caspian Sea PatternTo find the rug you are looking for, simply call Doug Nassif. Have the size, color and pattern ready so we can get started.

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