What does the term oriental rug mean?

Any rug east of the Mediterranean is technically an ‘Oriental rug,’ but an Oriental rug generally means a hand-knotted rug from the Middle East.

What does knot count mean and why does it make a difference in choosing a rug?

Tighter weaves, or more knots per square inch, the higher quality the rug. However, other factors such as dye quality make a difference in the quality of the rug.

Does an oriental rug require special care?

No, this is a common belief, but care for oriental rugs is very simple. Non-diluted white distilled vinegar will remove 95% of stains. Wool rug care involves the same process.

Will heavy furniture damage my rug?

It can, sharp points on heavy furniture such as a piano, need castors to protect the rug by distributing the weight more evenly. When in doubt, use one.

What are the most common sizes of oriental rugs?

Oriental rugs generally come in these sizes: 3’x5′ 4’x6′ 6’x9′ 9’x12′. They can also be very large.

Do I need a rug pad?

In most cases. There are multiple kinds of rug pads that can increase the comfort and slip resistance of your rug.

How often should I professionally clean my oriental rug?

When it gets dirty. This can vary from 7 to 10 years. It is not necessary to clean a rug every year. Spot cleaning will usually take care of any normal wear.